Coach Wristlet

Last week my sister and I decided to try out Tanger Outlet in Ottawa. We had no idea what was there or what it was but, having freshly moved back to the area, we have enjoyed traversing new grounds and make a point to explore new sites. While at Tanger Outlet we found a massive Coach outlet. I am a cheap, cheap person and while living in Halifax, I often found myself admiring and scouting out the Coach store in the Halifax Shopping Centre, but never purchasing anything. The price tag always just shy of what I was willing to pay.

Tanger Outlets
An outside corridor at Tanger Outlet mall in Ottawa.

The Ottawa outlet store, however, was having a sale. For that one random Thursday everything was 50% off. I searched the entire store trying to find something I liked. I narrowed it down between a white wristlet with pastel flowers and a beige wristlet with a yellow pocket. In the end, I walked away to think about it some more. They had already been on sale and with the coupon I would only be spending $29.50.


On our way out, I stopped back in to make up my mind. Sitting there on the stand was a wristlet that had not been there the previous time. I don’t know if someone returned it, or if they found it in the backroom somewhere – but it was perfect. It had the signature coach print and was perfect for a wedding I will be attending this summer in a black and gold dress. There was no tag on the wristlet. With bated breath I brought it up to the counter and asked to confirm it was the same price as the rest of the wristlet’s on that stand. Sure enough it was and I quickly snatched it up before it disappeared again. With taxes I paid $33.34 CAD. It’s retail value is $75.

I went to look up more information about the wristlet for this blog post, but I think it might be last season’s or is discontinued. The only information I could find was on eBay and Amazon. If you want a coach, but, like me, are a cheap person who hates to spend a lot of money at once – I recommend phoning local coach stores or dropping by on the regular. The sales associate was kind enough to explain how their sales change day to day with staff being told what the sale is in the morning.

The other lesson? Sometimes it pays to walk away. In the end, if you decide not to buy it, then you saved your money and will be happier for it in the long run. If it is really worth buying – you will go back for it.

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