Top 10 Things I want to Happen on Game of Thrones Season 7

It is almost upon us. The newest season of Game of Thrones is less than one month away. Time to get our minds prepared. What will happen? Who knows! But this is what I want to happen. Some of things are likely to happen and others are not, but if I get to see any of the following happen – I will be thrilled.

#10 – Snow in Kings Landing.

It’s winter and it’s about time that those southerner’s freak out over a centimeter of snow. As part of this want, I would love to see – even if it is in the background – a couple kids throwing a snow ball. Maybe it is my Canadian northern roots taking hold of me, but I want to see actual snow. Also, I want to see the North knowing how to bank their houses and shelters using snow to insulate.

#9 – Gendry returns.

The famous rowing miracle of Westeros. Forever lost, last seen in a row boat, and could very well end up being fish food all along. He was a joy to watch and was a great pair up with Arya (just below the Hound). It would be awesome to see him again. At the very least, after all this rowing, he should be ripped.

#8 – A chance to catch up with Ed.

It’s been so long Ed. Your bro is now the King of the North and you are left manning the Wall with six other dudes. It is time to catch up and see how you’re doing. Perhaps you can even help out Bran? But as the new defacto Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, you surely have to show up again.

#7 – A White Walker south of the wall.

It is almost wrap-up time and that means the threat needs to get real. The best way I can think of doing that is by having the Whites and White Walkers south of the Wall. It is time for the Big Bad to break through the last barrier of protection and for the shit to hit the fan.

#6 – Jaime and Tyrion meet again.

The last time the two brothers meet, Jaime smuggled Tyrion out of King’s Landing. Then Tyrion murdered their father. The two sanest of the Lannister siblings have always been the most loyal and loving of the Lannister family. Now, they are on opposite sides of a war. It would be amazing to have a moment that they were to meet each other. It would probably be heart wrenching and awful, but so good in that Game-Of-Thrones-Way.

#5 – Arya to change faces.

I would love to never know who is Arya and who isn’t. If she could use the ability to spy on people, or continue her little murder spree, or maybe to just chill and be unnoticed. Who knows, who cares. I just want to see more of it.

#4 – A dragon dies.

I know! I know! It’s not that I want want a dragon to die, but it kind of needs to? It’s like White Walkers south of the wall. Stakes need to be raised and the best way I can think of doing that is by taking the dragons down a peg. I have never felt scared that a dragon would die throughout the entire show, and that needs to change before the final season. Show their fallibility and give it weight. At the very least, show they are ineffective against White Walkers or something to that effect.

#3 – A Lannister sees a White or White Walker.

The least likely to happen. Or maybe not. I don’t know. It doesn’t even have to be a Lannister. I want to see the non-believers come face-to-face with the Whites and White Walkers. After the scoffs and completely ignoring the Night’s Watch and petty politics, I want to see them be forced to confront the truth –  they have an ice zombie infestation.

#2 – Stark Reunion!

I need more Stark reunions. There isn’t a lot of time left and the chances of them dying off are high as the series draws to a close. Give me more!

#1 – Jon and Daenerys meet.

The many stories of Game of Thrones are starting to dwindle down into three main storylines. That means that characters can start meeting up. These two are the most exciting to see. To be honest, I kind of hope that they don’t get along. I want some weird tension, Jon refusing to bend the knee, Daenerys not believing in ice zombies, threats, maneuverings and an uneasy peace to be settled. In general, the fact that Daenerys can finally be part of the other storylines and is no longer off doing her own thing is so exciting!

What are you hoping to see on season 7 of Game of Thrones?


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